Expand Upon Your Sketch Files

Open your Sketch files directly in Adobe XD to take advantage of fully-overridable components, repeat grids, or robust prototyping – including auto-animate, voice and gamepad support.

Import Your Sketch Libraries

If you'd like to use a Sketch library as a design system or sticker sheet for your Adobe XD projects, you can now import them directly to your assets panel and keep everything in sync.


Design at the speed of thought

Speed up your workflows with components, repeat grids, and more.


Working with Components in Adobe XD

Components are supercharged symbols, offering granular control that designers have been looking for, from resizability to overrides.

In this video, you’ll learn how to not only create and store components, but also how just about every aspect of your instances can be overridden while still maintaining a link back to the master.


WOrk faster with Repeat Grids

Whether you’re designing photo galleries, contact lists,
or other repeated elements, utilize repeat grids to speed
up your workflows.


Work together. Stay in Sync

Keep your assets up to date across your documents and teams, including colors, character styles, and resizable components.


Bring your designs to life

Now that you’ve expanded upon your designs, jump into prototype mode to wire them up and add a touch of animation.


Artboard to Artboard Transitions

Adobe XD makes it incredibly simple to prototype your designs – from basic transitions to beautiful animations. Let’s take a look at how you can move between artboards using cuts, slides, and more.


Animation made simple

Breath life into your designs by, well, designing. Wire up your artboards and XD intelligently figures out what changes should be beautifully animated.

“Auto-animate is magic!” – lots of people