XD 23 has arrived

Blend Modes, Improved Selections, more


With less than a month to go before Adobe MAX, you may think we’re holding onto all the big surprises, but we have one more update to reveal before the big day. Today we’re shipping blend modes, improved layer selection, and additional ways to resize your elements.

New in Adobe XD 20

multi-wire selections, plugin improvements, more


Adobe XD 20 introduces a few new improvements, including the prototyping Property Inspector which allows you to select and edit multiple wires at once, the plugins panel, and super/subscript text transformations.

Introducing Design systems

Empowering iterative collaboration.


Goodbye Symbols. Hello Components.

Components are supercharged symbols, offering granular control that designers have been looking for, from resizability to overrides.

Link. Work. Stay in sync.

Keep your assets up to date across your documents and teams, including colors, character styles, and resizable components.


May we interest you in more?

Check out what also shipped in May, including keyboard & gamepad triggers, artboard guides, the polygon tool, and
additional text transformations.


The Keys to prototyping success.

Whether you’re designing a minimalistic email application or a behemoth like Photoshop, keyboard triggers enables shortcuts within your prototypes.


Game on!

The new gamepad trigger empowers designers to prototype animated gaming experiences from menus to in-game interactions.


Let’s Guide You.

Artboard guides have landed in XD. Need we say more?